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2023 Canadian National Championships

August 8 - 13, 2023

Water Ski Canada Events

Host Hotel

Wyndham Garden Edmonton Airport
8016 Sparrow Drive, Leduc, AB T9E 2G3
Reservations: (780)769-0188
To receive a special rate and to support the event, please contact reservations and give them the block name:

Canadian Water Ski Nationals

A new schedule, combining famil and competition each day has been proposed and will be piloted for the 2023 National Championships.

This new schedule may be beneficial for some independent skiers for traveling, less time away from work and family as well as less downtime between familiarization and competition for all.

The new schedule will allow every athlete to familiarize each discipline they have entered. Slalom will receive a down and back, trick a down and back and 2 jump attempts. If the skier falls on their way back from the second pass they will need to swim in. 

The organizers hope that this will run smoothly and be enjoyed by most. As usual, there is never a perfect schedule for everyone. We hope you will enjoy this piloted schedule and give feedback for future events.

See below for the schedule of events and familiarization

Social events: 

Tuesday, officials meeting and wine and cheese

Thursday, U25 fun and games night

Satuday, Banquet, and Awards - Shalom Park


1. Lunch tickets at a discount

2. Nationals SWAG/Clothing - may sell out if not pre-ordered